Tereza is the proffesional model represend by agencies in whole world. She was born in Prague. As a child, Tereza had interest in pursuing a modelling career, but preferring to spend her time in modern gymnastic and dancing. She frequently participated in modern gymnastic competitions before she suffered an back injury which prevented her from continuing her hobby. When Tereza was thirteen years old, she was discovered model ´s scout of Chzechoslovak models, one of the premier agencies in Prague. Despite a few successes in modeling career, many offers from clients, interests of foreign agencies, Tereza decided first focus fully on their studies. After graduation of the University of Economics in Prague, she threw herself back to be fulltime models,  she works in Prague, London, Milan, Hamburg, Wien, Geneve, New York, Los Angeles etc. and collects one success after another. She has a lot of experiences with TV commercial, editorials, fashions shows and showrooms. She moves herself in front of the camera, creating her own position, changes a lot of expression through: smiles, frowns, serious face, romance, roughness, simplicity, grimaces after crying.

Tereza declares ,, Modeling is my dream, my fun, my job, my lifestyle ´´